Amaranth Plant Profile

Amaranth: The Superfood Of The Aztec Diet

Amaranthus is a versatile genus, including ornamentals, vegetables, pseudocereals, and weeds. But what is the amaranth plant? How is it used, and where does it grow? Let’s find out.

What Is The Rhubarb Plant?

Rhubarb: Everything You Should Know About This Tough And Cold-hardy Plant

So far, we know that rhubarb contains oxalic acid that in high amounts is pretty dangerous stuff. But is there anything else you should know about this plant before you actually start growing it? It is time to learn more about rhubarb’s history, its different uses, and whether it is safe for pregnant women or little children.

What Is The Daikon Plant?

Daikon Radish: Everything About This Long White Root

Those large white roots are crunchy, healthy, and best of all, super easy to grow. But what is the daikon plant? How can you grow it, and what uses it has? Let’s find out everything about this long white root.

What Is The Rutabaga Plant?

Rutabaga: What Is This Northern European Staple?

A cross between turnip and cabbage, rutabaga is a vegetable in the mustard family. If you want to know more about this amazing plant, go ahead and read this post before planting it into your garden.