Identifying And Removing Bugs From Your Indoor Garden

Discovering your beloved green plants are infested is never easy. Removing bugs from your indoor garden can also be a frustrating process. The first step to removal is identifying the common pests which infest indoor gardens.

Removing Bugs From Your Indoor Garden
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Identifying Common Houseplant Pests

If you suspect that your indoor garden has bugs, the following list will benefit you:

– Spiders Or Spider Webs On Plants

Finding either of these on your plant’s stems and leaves is a sign of spider mites. We’ll address how to get rid of these below.

– Tiny Flying Insects On Your Plants Leaves

These usually are white bugs that resemble flies and start to flutter around the plant whenever it’s disturbed. So if you see these, it means your houseplant has whiteflies.

– Clusters Of Green, Red, Or Brown On Flower Buds Or New Growth On Your Plant

If you notice such bugs and tiny white specks on your houseplants, those are aphids. Sometimes they blend well with the color of the leaves and are hard to detect, but they are generally “fat,” so you can eventually find them.

– Small Bugs In The Soil

If you notice tiny white or black flying bugs in or around the plant soil, those are fungus gnats.

– Brown Spots Or Hard Crusty Bumps On Stems And Leaves

Bumps or spots that can be flaked off with your fingernails are scale insects on plants.

Removing Bugs From Your Indoor Garden

If you notice any of the above-mentioned (or other) pests in your houseplants, it is crucial to act fast. You want to prevent them from spreading and infesting your entire indoor garden. Here are some ways you can remove bugs from your houseplants:

– Spider Mites

Spider mites are very destructive houseplant pests. They can kill houseplants fast, so removing them is essential as soon as possible. The first thing you need to do is quarantine the infested houseplant and inspect other plants. Then, some chemical pesticides are designed especially for mites, but spider mites might develop resistance. In that case, you should try to remove this pest by washing the plant with insecticide soap and rinse away any dead mites.

– Whiteflies

Whiteflies harm houseplants by sucking out the juice from the flower buds and leaves. When removing these, you first need to kill the nymphs and eggs and then kill the adults. You can use an insecticide spray or soap for the eggs and then use sticky yellow traps for the adult whiteflies.

– Aphids

Aphids multiply quickly, so you need to deal with them as fast as you can. Once you quarantine the plant and check its surrounding plants, you can kill aphids with soapy water. You can also use Neem oil to get rid of them more naturally.

– Fungus Gnats

If you have many houseplants, fungus gnats can be difficult to eliminate. But, you can remove them by thorough treatments such as:

  • Using soil covers
  • Controlling soil moisture
  • Watering plants from the bottom
  • Using yellow houseplant sticky skates
  • Applying organic pest control products

Lastly, you can remove scale insects by using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

So, there you have it. I hope you were able to find the answer to your bug problem and to complete our post; I suggest you check out this one on Martha Stewart that also gives you solutions to common houseplant bug problems.

Removing bugs from your indoor garden is one of the most important things to do if you want to sustain its growth, so don’t waste time taking action. However, there are also other essential things you need to remember when growing an indoor garden. So if you feel like you need to repeat something or don’t know about indoor gardening that much, go ahead and check out our posts:

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