14 Tall Indoor Plants – Let Your Plants Touch the Ceiling

Plants are a great addition to any living space; they bring a personality of their own that adds a severe “oomph” factor to the setting. And what could be a better choice to do this than tall indoor plants! Not only does their presence draw attention by themselves, but they also enhance the atmosphere as a whole. So, welcome these gentle giants and give them a place in your abode.

Tall Indoor Plants
© Alexander Morozov – stock.adobe.com

With such a wide variety to choose from, making the right selection can be hard. These factors are the reason why we recommended these tall indoor plants for your home:

Are You Short On Time? Here’s The Post In A Nutshell…

Here’s our list of tall indoor plants:

  1. Norfolk Island Pine – Easy plant to grow! / Cat owners beware, toxic to cats!
  2. Yucca – Likes to get indirect sunlight. / Not pet-friendly!
  3. Kentia Palm – Wants to grow in slightly moist soil. / PET-FRIENDLY!
  4. Polyscias – Needs a shady environment and occasional watering. / Not pet-friendly!
  5. Croton – Give it a warm and sunny growing environment. / Not pet-friendly!
  6. Schefflera – Give it bright, indirect sunlight. / Not pet-friendly!
  7. Adenium – Keep adenium away from direct sunlight. / Not pet-friendly!
  8. Dracaena – The plant is modest when it comes to water, so don’t overwater. / Not pet-friendly!
  9. Fiddle Leaf Fig – Grow in a warm and humid atmosphere. / Not pet-friendly!
  10. Palms – Prefers a shadier growing environment. / PET-FRIENDLY!
  11. Bamboo – Keep the soil moist and mist the leaves with a spray bottle. / PET-FRIENDLY!
  12. Money Tree – Good drainage + watering two to three times a month. / PET-FRIENDLY!
  13. Rubber Plant – Give it well-draining soil and indirect sunlight. / Not pet-friendly!
  14. Olive Tree – Doesn’t grow indoors forever (about eight to nine years). / PET-FRIENDLY!

1. Norfolk Island Pine

© idea_studio – stock.adobe.com

The indoor version of the vast pine reaches a height of 6.5 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) when grown in an enclosed space. The Norfolk Pine requires ample space to be able to grow to its full potential, so houses with tall ceilings are best suited to this plant type.

Growth And Care

The Island Pine asks for a dutiful home as it requires some care, avoidance from drafts and a suitable watering pattern in the summers.

The best part about this houseplant is that it continues to grow for years, which is where it gets its pet name, ”the living Christmas tree.”

The Norfolk Island pine is toxic to cats!

2. Yucca

Yucca - Tall Indoor Plant

The Yucca is a plant that you have to be careful with because it has real potential to sting if it comes into contact with naked skin. This plant occupies a wide height range, from 3 to 8 feet (90cm to 2,40m), depending on the type and level of care taken.

Growth And Care

The Yucca plant is best suited to a home that receives plenty of sunlight and maintains a warm tropical climate. The plant is more “lenient” when it comes to watering because it can survive for weeks without any moisture.

The yucca plant is toxic to cats and dogs!

3. Kentia Palm

© hcast – stock.adobe.com

The Kentia Palm is a tall, leafy plant that can grow to a height of 10 feet (about 3 meters). They are an ideal pick for busy people that can’t afford to take care of a plant, such as working households, offices, or stores.

Growth And Care

Kentia needs indirect sunlight and moderate watering; making it well suited to an indoor environment.

Not only will the Kentia Palm serve as a stylish centerpiece or corner adornment, but it also can clean the air around it. This lush plant is an excellent addition to any indoor space.


4. Polyscias

Polyscias - Tall Indoor Plant
© Nguyen – stock.adobe.com

The beautiful two-toned leaves of the Polyscias will liven up your home. Reaching a height of 3 to 6.5 feet (1 to 2 meters), this plant will test your patience with its slow growth rate; but rest assured that the wait will be well worth it.

Growth And Care

If you are a person who isn’t a green thumb, then this is the plant for you. All Polyscias need a cool and shady growing environment and occasional watering – This will make it flourish! To give your plants a little boost, it’s a good idea to add some fertilizer to the potting mix to give it that extra dose of nutrients.

Polyscias is toxic to cats and dogs!

5. Croton

Croton - Tall Indoor Plant

The Croton is an unpredictable plant in terms of its appearance; Its color varies from reds to yellows to greens. Growing to a height of 10 feet (about 3 meters), it is understandable that this plant requires a house with high ceilings or, at the very least, an ample open space that does not restrict its growth.

Growth And Care

The Croton plant is best suited to a well-lit home that receives plenty of sunlight, and it also requires warmer temperatures.

Croton is toxic to cats and dogs!

6. Schefflera

© Yurii – stock.adobe.com

If left to its own, the Schefflera plant can reach a height of up to 10 feet (about 3 meters). It is a typical plant that has twin-colored leaves in shades of green. Although the plant requires minimal care, it still needs ample growing space, not only owing to its height but also because its leaves can grow to lengths of 12 inches (about 30cm).

Growth And Care

The Schefflera is an undemanding plant and only wants long hours of bright, indirect sunlight.

Not only will this plant add a splash of nature to your living space, but it will also give you a healthier lifestyle in return. Acting as a natural air purifier, the plant removes harmful toxins while increasing the oxygen content in the surrounding air.

Schefflera is toxic to cats and dogs!

7. Adenium

© farinsia – stock.adobe.com

The Adenium is a tall flowering plant that reaches a height of up to 3.3 inches (about 1 meter).

Growth And Care

This plant requires a warm growing environment, and make sure to cut back on the water supply also. Adenium grows best in a drained soil while placing it in a position where it gets ample sunlight.

Adenium is toxic to cats and dogs!

8. Dracaena

Dracaena In A White Pot
© studiophotopro – stock.adobe.com

This tall indoor plant has a unique arched structure that adorns you with its lanceolate foliage. It grows to a height of about 3.3 inches (about 1 meter), which makes it an ideal choice for a cozy living space.

Growth And Care

Dracaena is an undemanding plant, but it grows best in a home that can provide bright, indirect sunlight. But, it serves as an adaptable plant that tolerates 2 to 3 hours of sun exposure a day.

If the Dracaena plant’s physical appearance is not enough to win you over, it’s air purifying abilities will. Known to remove toxic gases from its surroundings, the Dracaena removes benzene, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and trichloroethylene from the indoor air. What an excellent choice for an indoor plant!

Dracaena is toxic to cats and dogs!

9. Fiddle Leaf Fig

© Pornpawit – stock.adobe.com

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, when treated as a tall indoor plant, can reach a height of up to 10 feet (about 3 meters). Its long, thin trunk and large leathery leaves make for an exciting and fashionable touch to any living space.

Growth And Care

The Fiddle Leaf Fig plant grows best in homes where it receives uninterrupted access to bright yet indirect sunlight all day long. Apart from this, it is an easygoing houseplant that adapts to most indoor environments.

While the Fiddle Leaf Fig is an attractive plant, it does more than serve as a looker. These plants are “skillful” at “regulating their environment,” controlling humidity levels and cleaning the surrounding air. The fact that it has big leaves intensifies that effect.

Fiddle leaf fig is toxic to cats and dogs!

10. Palms

Areca Palm In A Brown Pot
© dropStock – stock.adobe.com

Indoor Palms are an excellent choice for people who are looking to beautify their homes while putting in the smallest effort. They are low maintenance plants that can grow to heights of about 6.6 feet (about 2 meters). They appear in several forms, including the Date Palm, the Fan Palm, the Washingtonia Palm, and the Bamboo Palm, among many others.

Growth And Care

Indoor palms thrive in spots where they receive partial sunlight, and they also survive with low water availability. But, these plants will test your patience as it takes time for them to grow up.

Indoor palms are another great addition to your list of tall indoor plants that hold air purifying qualities. They cleanse the air from toxins and enrich it with high quantities of oxygen.


11. Bamboo

Bamboo Palm Or Reed Palm Growing In A White Pot

Bamboo plants tend to reach a height of about 5 feet (about 1.5 meters), and while they are not the most common indoor plant, they sure are a unique one.

Growth And Care

All Bamboo plants need a couple of hours of direct sunlight every day, and that will make them flourish. It’s a smart idea to place your plant either in front of an East facing window or to a one that is positioned above it so the entire plant can get enough sunlight.

According to Chinese tradition, the Bamboo is a positive plant to keep in your home. Tradition says that it brings promising news, as well as tidings of good health, happiness, peace, longevity, good luck, and prosperity into its surroundings. And if you’re not one for such beliefs, then the beauty of the plant is enough to win anyone over.


12. Money Tree

Money Tree (Houseplants Safe For Cats And Dogs)
© bgminer – stock.adobe.com

One of the most unique indoor plants is the Money Tree, because of its intricate braided trunk. When grown indoors, these plants reach a height of around 6.6 feet (about 2 meters), making it an impactful addition to your home.

Growth And Care

Again, Money Trees serve as an undemanding houseplant as they grow well in low light conditions and don’t need persistent watering.

The Money Tree also holds a place in Chinese tradition where they believe that this plant helps you in getting a good night’s sleep. Additionally, it is also an air-purifying indoor plant as it removes harmful toxins from the air while equipping it with more oxygen.


13. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant Leaves

The Rubber plant gets its name from the appearance and texture of its leaves, which present themselves as significant and glossy. This plant comes in a variety of colors, including green and bronze. Domesticated Rubber plants usually range from 6.6 to 10 feet (about 2 to 3 meters) in height, which is a severe cut down from their growth in the wild.

Growth And Care

The Rubber plant grows best in conditions of indirect but bright sunlight. I recommended you to be cautious when handling this plant as its leaves produce a sticky sap that is almost impossible to get off of any surface.

Due to the Rubber plant’s broad leaves and inner mechanism, they are particularly great at cleansing the air around them. Their leaves can absorb toxic chemicals and exhale oxygen in return.

The rubber plant is toxic to cats and dogs!

14. Olive Tree

Olive Tree - Tall Indoor Plant
© cceliaphoto – stock.adobe.com

The Olive tree is one of the tallest indoor plants you could have in your home with their impressive height ranging from 26 to 49 feet (about 8 to 15 meters). Olive trees are a superb addition to any household, blending in well with an artistic interior to give a sophisticated look.

Growth And Care

They say that these trees need tall ceiling houses to be able to grow. A famous indoor Olive tree growing spot is near a spiral staircase as this solves any height restriction issues. Olive trees grow best in well-lit areas that receive plenty of sunshine and soil that is a little moist.

Not only do Olive trees add serious style points to any indoor setting, but they also carry a range of health benefits. Olive leaves are beneficial to health, as they inhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as aiding cholesterol and blood pressure control.



What Is The Best Tall Indoor Plant?

There isn’t a “best tall indoor plant.” Plants are almost like products (smartphones for example), someone likes Apple and someone likes Samsung, it all comes down to preference but if you’re looking for tall indoor plants, and you didn’t get everything you need out of our post, then check out this post on BalconyGardenWeb that has 18 plants. “–That’s four more than we have on our list!”

What Tall Indoor Plants Are Great For A Shady Or “Dark Corner” Environment?

I understand that it’s hard to find a spot from your home that would get a lot of sunlight. Thankfully, some plants like to live in a shadier place. Plants like this, include crotons, polyscias, and palms.

Final Words

If your house has a high ceiling and you’re wondering how could you make use of all this space, then tall indoor plants might be the thing you’re looking for your home. As I said, I hope that these plants are something you’re looking for, but if not, then be brave and take a look at other plant options:

Thank you for reading!

Featured image credit – © Ken Lund – stock.adobe.com

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