Small Indoor Plants (The Beauty of Small Things in Your Home)

Bring vibrancy to your household environment and stay close to nature: these and many other things you can achieve with small indoor plants. Plants are a great way to decorate and keep the environment lively and fresh. You can fill all the empty spaces and corners in your home with nature and greenery.

But, big plants aren’t always that good indoors because they usually take up a lot of space. They also make everything else look “meaningless,” which isn’t suitable for the look. So, small indoor plants are the way to go to bring the right balance of nature to your home’s indoor decor. Best of all, there are various options out there that you can choose from – options that don’t take a lot of space!

If you are looking to fill the nightstand or your work desk, plants such as succulents and air plants are the ones you need to go for. Other “bigger” plants like the lilies are also great options. These take up a bit more space; but, they still manage to find the right balance in your decor.

A great thing about small plants that usually go in pots is that they fit almost anywhere. Using them to decorate your home can “cook great creative ideas” in your head.

To help achieve the perfect balance of nature within your house or office, we have compiled a list of 20 great small indoor plants. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

1. Air Plant

Air plants are small, and you can fit them into small pots and jars. The best thing about them is that they don’t need soil to survive. You don’t even need that pot! Get a jar or a glass bowl, and you are good to go. But, make sure the jar, bowl, or any other container has an opening as they need plenty of air circulation. You can cheer up your shelf or study table with them. But, keep in mind that they do need sunlight. On the brighter side, you need to mist them only 2 to 3 times a week.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera comes from a succulent plant family. They aren’t only small plants you can place indoors but also medicinal plants. They help with any sunburn and are great for the skin in general, so that’s a plus. On a side note, keep them under plenty of sunlight. Moreover, the soil needs to be completely dry between the waterings. You can put them in corners or high places such as shelves of the entertainment unit. They can also look good in the bathroom.

3. Anthurium

Are you into bright colors? If yes, then anthurium is the one for you! It’s another small indoor plant that lightens up the vibe with its bright color. The best part is that it attracts attention without taking up much space. They grow best in bright indirect light, but you need to water them often. The best place to put them on is your study or worktable to brighten up your mood while doing exhausting tasks.

4. Asparagus Fern

This plant may have a different name, but it has its roots in the lily plant family. This small indoor plant requires partial shade. The best way to provide shade is to give it some room on either side. Moreover, leave some space for it because the plant grows sideways. It has a beautiful green color, which can add aesthetics to your table or shelf. Also, remember it needs to be well-drained.

5. Baby Toes

The baby toes plant is another small indoor plant that has its roots in the succulent plant family. As the name suggests, this plant has stems and leaves that look like the toes of babies. If you have guests over, it will attract their attention and be a great conversation starter. You can put it on your tabletop for decor. And, remember, the plant needs indirect sun and frequent watering.

6. Cast-Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant is hardy because it can tolerate a wide variety of light and soil conditions. These factors make it a perfect indoor plant. You can use it on the floor of your living room or bedroom. Although they aren’t good at tables as they take a bit more space than the others. They need to be well-drained and need indirect sun.

7. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant is famous for its cute round leaves. But, as much lovely as they are, they are not easy to get. Another popular name for this particular plant is the missionary plant. It got the name because Agnar Espergen, a Norwegian Missionary, took it home to share with his loved ones. You can put them on your shelf as long as you remember that they need partial shade and frequent watering.

8. Echeveria

The echeveria is another plant that falls under the succulent family and is one of the most common ones. These plants complete your desk. They are small in size and are easy to look after. Most people kill these plants due to overwatering, so make sure you are not one of them. The soil should get time to dry before you water them again wholly. They need partial to full sun for growth and good health.

9. Jade Plant

Jade Plant
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These plants are oval-shaped. They stand out due to the thickness of their leaves. If provided with proper care, these plants stay alive for years. Moreover, to maintain the good looks, you need to clean them with a cloth and remove dust or particles that hinder the plant’s beauty. Cleaning it will also increase the plants’ ability to absorb sunlight. They look beautiful on tabletops.

10. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes have flowers, and the flowers are well known for their beautiful bloom. Since these plants have flowers, they need the right amount of sunlight to produce energy for flowers. So, it’s best to keep them near a window. Another important thing is to keep them well-drained. But, give the soil time to dry before watering since this plant also belongs to the succulent family.

11. Lithops

These cute little stone-like plants are sometimes referred to as living stones due to their shape. They have the potential to tolerate and survive hot temperatures and need little water. They look unforgettable because of their unique form and look great on worktables or shelves in the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. It’s all up to you!

12. Lucky Bamboo

You can grow lucky bamboo both in water and soil. But, there are different ways to take care of it in both situations. If you’re growing it in water, make sure that you replace the water every 7 to 10 days. Also, if possible, try to use filtered water. In case you are growing it in soil, water it every time the first inch (2,5 cm) of the soil is dry.

13. Oxalis

Also known as false shamrocks or purple shamrocks, oxalis are great small indoor plants to complete your indoor decor. Their purple color adds beauty to your living room. The flowers and leaves which grow on this plant are photophilic. This means that they respond to light by opening and closing. Put them on any shelf, and they will take their place.

14. Peperomia

Since the leaves on peperomia grow very close and tight to each other, you can grow them on desks and shelves. They don’t take up much space, only a bit more than the diameter of the pot. They grow best in bright sunlight but can also survive under a grow light. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the hassle of watering them repeatedly as they withstand long periods of dehydration.

15. Polka Dot Plant

These plants fall under the category of colorful plants and add beauty to your decoration. They look excellent on tabletops and shelves. They are available in pink color but recently started to come in white and red too. During the stages where the color is not there, direct sunlight usually fixes this. Once achieved, they can survive under indirect sunlight. But, extended exposure to direct sunlight will generate damaging leaves, so look out for them.

16. Pothos

Pothos In A Pot
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This small indoor plant is perfect for decorating your bookcase or shelf. They even look good on any plain wall due to their trailing leaves. Another great thing I have to mention about them is that they clean the air, which means that it is an air-purifying houseplant which is always a plus point. The style they bring to the decor and their air cleansing abilities make them a perfect office and houseplant option.

17. Rubber Tree

Now, this plant usually grows up to 10 feet (about 3 meters) tall. But, you can keep the leaves at a smaller height by pruning the plant. The leaves are large with vibrant colors, which add beauty to the decor. Also, keep an eye on any new branches that might sprout from the prunings.

18. Snake Plant

There is something for all the empty tight corners in your house or office. Snake plants, as the name suggests, are vertical plants. They purify the air and are very easy to look after, as they need minimal care. Snake plants remain healthiest in indirect sunlight but survive in almost any light condition. They have their roots in the deserts, so they can even survive for a long time without water. Moreover, they also need dry soil before each watering. These plants are perfect to complement the floor of your living room or garage.

19. Spider Plant

Spider plants have long skinny “spider leg” like leaves that spread out from the pot and form a shape like a spider’s legs. Due to the dangling leaves, these plants are excellent hanging plants. They stay healthiest in indirect sunlight. Like the other small indoor plants on our list, they need a well-drained container/pot but dry soil in-between watering. A great plant to make your worktable look beautiful.

20. String Of Pearls

This unique and one of its kind plant is known for its pearl-like foliage. They increase the prettiness and vibe of your home decor due to their catchy appearance. These plants also belong to the succulent plant family. As a result, they need lots of light and can survive with a small amount of water.

Final Words

Plants are a great way to naturalize your home. They make you feel fresh as they purify the air as well as bring nature close to you. There is a wide variety of plants that grow in a room or building. We have talked about some of the best small indoor plants that can withstand less light and don’t need much care. Moreover, they don’t take up much space, meanwhile fulfilling the purpose of having plants indoors.

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