The Best Low Light Plants To Have In Your Home

Some studio apartments and even homes don’t get enough natural light. So if you want to have an indoor garden and you worry about the types of plants that can thrive in a low-light environment, you will enjoy the best low-light plants we’ve listed below.

I hope you’re now ready to get familiar with the best low light plants for your home!

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1. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Pothos (also known as devil’s ivy) is an excellent lower light condition plant. It’s available from yellow splashed with white and chartreuse to solid green leaf colors. In low light, the solid green one does the best. Remember that the other varieties will return to this if they don’t get enough sunlight.

Pothos isn’t pet-friendly!

2. Rattlesnake Plant

The Rattlesnake Plant, chosen for its highly decorative and unique leaf shape and pattern, is native to Brazil’s jungles. However, it will also add a touch of tropic to any home with its bright-green topside leaves contrasting with its rich purple undersides.

Keep your Rattlesnake plant in a shady area that receives indirect sunlight because too much sun will discolor the leaves and turn them crispy and brown.


3. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is one of the best plants because it can grow in the water. You can also grow in the soil, but doing this is pretty rare. You can find this plant in many arrangements and forms. It’s also said that lucky bamboo brings good fortune – who wouldn’t want that!


4. Earth Star

Because of its leaf shape, the name “earth star” was given to this plant, and most of them can grow only a few centimeters off the ground, fanning their tough leaves from bright red to pink in various shades.

The earth star, used to rise along with the floors of its native jungles in South America, prefers a speckled shade and needs to be kept away from sunlight. The colors of its leaves can be used to determine the sun’s sensitivity to this plant. Excessive sun means that the leaves start to bleach and burn, but the red hues turn green with too little light.


5. Peace Lily

The popular peace lily is an absolute favorite because of its beautiful, arum-like white flower that may emerge in spring, but if you’re lucky, it’s back in the fall. This plant is also one of the best air purification houseplants, so it’s an excellent choice for your bedroom or living room.

The peace lily isn’t pet-friendly!

You can find more purifying plants from our post – Here Are 19 Fantastic Air Purifying Houseplants Your Lungs Want.

Under intermittent sunlight, your peace lily can flourish, but try to keep it away from any intense sunlight because it doesn’t like that. Especially in the winter, it enjoys staying warm. Low light makes it appear like a green foliage plant.

Many other plants, such as the heartleaf philodendron, are some of the best low light plants for that environment. But, these are our top picks to help you get started with your indoor gardening venture in an effortless manner. If you aren’t satisfied, look at this post at containing 15 low light plants.

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