Best Indoor Plants: 7 Plants To Find The Best For Your Home

Some things that add beauty and style to your home include a bookshelf, paintings, and of course, INDOOR PLANTS!

If you are thinking of the best plants to keep in your indoor garden, we can help. Because from below, you can find some of the best indoor plants to have in your home.

Best Indoor Plants
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As a reminder for pet owners, I want to say something! Before choosing any houseplants for your home, always try to determine if the plant is poisonous to dogs or cats. A great site to check out this info is!

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1. Snake Plant

Don’t let its name fool or, rather, scare you. The snake plant takes its name from the slender, straight, and “uneven green banding” leaves that look like snakeskin. Besides looking cool, it is a low-maintenance plant renowned for surviving droughts and is ideal for newbies residing in almost any setting.

The snake plant isn’t pet-friendly!

2. Rubber Tree

If you tend to forget taking care of your plants or are new to the lifestyle of a “plant parent,” then one of the best indoor plants to get yourself is a rubber tree. Do know that a rubber tree requires bright light (can receive some partial sunshine) and plenty of room to be happy, bloom, and remove carbon dioxide from your home.

The rubber tree isn’t pet-friendly!

3. Dracaena

If you have a high-maintenance life, meaning you’re always on the go, you need yourself a low-maintenance, easy-going plant like the Dracaena. The Dracaena is one of the best indoor plants to have because it can adapt to distinct light settings, although you should keep it away from direct sunlight. But, in purifying the atmosphere, the Dracaena Marginata Plant is the best option. It removes xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene from the indoor air.

Dracaena isn’t pet-friendly!

4. Bird’s Nest Fern

Because of its vivid green, ripple-edged fronds, having a bird’s nest fern in your indoor garden is an immediate conversation starter. This signature-looking plant will make your house feel refreshing if you place it in a hanging planter. Because the plant thrives in medium indirect light and humid surroundings, it would do well in a bathroom with a shower, given that there are windows that offer natural light.


5. Coffee Plant

A small arabica coffee plant won’t be able to sustain your coffee habit, but the plant is lovely and effortless to look after. The plant also lets you know if it gets too dry, and you’ll notice it when the leaves get droopy, but once you give it a bit of water, they’ll turn back to normal. The coffee plant also requires medium indirect light.

The coffee plant isn’t pet-friendly!

6. Weeping Fig

For this plant, indirect and bright light is best, so people often place it in their home’s popular areas, like the living room. To keep the soil moist, water it every few days. Choose a simple pot as this is a plant full of leaves.

Weeping fig isn’t pet-friendly!

7. Peace Lilies

Compared to other indoor plants, this one needs more attention. That implies keeping it moist and putting it in a light but shady place without overwatering. A peace lily requires medium to low sunshine and needs watering only when the bottom of the soil is dry. Use a modern planter to juxtapose the organic structure of the leaves and make it look even better.

Peace lilies aren’t pet-friendly!

Now that you know some of the best indoor plants, it’s time to add them to your indoor garden. Or you can read more about houseplants from our posts:

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