Teachers Ahoy! Get These Air Purifying Plants Into Your Classroom

If there is one lesson, you must always teach your students as a teacher; it’s that health is wealth! But it is not only for your students to learn; it is a lesson for you too. If you don’t believe in it yourself, how can you convince all those young minds that being healthy is a blessing! But what are ways to teach your students that? Well, one way to do this is by getting air purifying plants into your classroom. Let’s find out more!

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Helping Everyone Stay Healthy – The Natural Way!

We all know that health is wealth, so why not help keep your classroom healthy too? While this may sound like a menial step towards achieving classroom hygiene, it could liven up your classroom and make learning fun.

Moreover, the presence of plants in the classroom increases the green element of the room. They create an energetic atmosphere at the school. So, why not introduce these beautiful and energizing air-purifying plants to your students?

The Best Plants For Air Purifying

Let’s cut to the chase, and I’ll introduce you to the best plants that you can add to your classroom to get the best air quality:

1. Chrysanthemum

Even if you are not a flower geek, you must have heard of chrysanthemum. The original color of this flower was golden (hence the name). Chrys means golden in Greek, and anthemum means flower. These days, this plant has several different colors, and they also symbolize meaning. The red chrysanthemum symbolizes love, white is for truth, and yellow is for slighted love.

As lovely as all that is, chrysanthemum is also one of the best air-purifying plants for a classroom. Chrysanthemums love sunlight and will give you magnificent blooms when they get the right light. It will remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia. Plus, the plant is affordable to get.

Remember to keep it out of reach of any pets because it’s toxic to them. And since classrooms do not have pets, the problem is already solved.

2. Snake Plant

Of one of the most classic and resilient plants you’ll find on the planet, the snake plant is its name. The scientific name for the plant is Sansevieria, and the only problem that seems to hinder its growth is insects. Otherwise, the plant can survive on anything from low sunlight to low water to lousy soil and whatnot.

The plant has emerald green hues and textured leaves that add green color to the classroom. It removes toxins such as trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. The plant also gives out pure oxygen and cleans the air as much as possible. Plus, it is easy to grow the plant with cuttings and is available at most florists.

Remember to ensure that cats and dogs stay away from the plant as the plant is toxic to them!

3. Bamboo Palm

I guarantee that one of the most beautiful and best air purifying plants for your classroom are palms, especially bamboo palms. The plant has gorgeous striped leaves that may have slight thorny edges. The plant loves sunlight, and the beautiful color and texture keep everyone interested.

If you have a spacious, well-lit classroom, a bamboo palm is the best plant to have in a corner. With time, it can grow up to 12 feet (about 3.6 meters) high and spread out its beauty. Plus, all your pets are safe around this plant. As a side note, pandas love bamboo plants! So, if you ever want to amaze your students by bringing a panda into your classroom, dinner is served.

The plant can remove harmful toxins like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene and purify the air for all your students and you. Remember to look after this beautiful plant, and it will look after you.

Final Words

No matter what plant you get for your classroom – high or low maintenance – it requires maintenance to grow well. Plus, with children around, it’s essential to help them recognize why plants are necessary for our living and why we shouldn’t hurt them. So, while you ensure the plant helps your classroom environment, you must ensure that your students understand their importance and let them grow in peace.

This also leads to an important lesson for the young minds who will take tomorrow’s reigns, that global warming is a real issue, and plants and trees are the only way to tackle the threat. So, everyone must take their share of responsibility and work with plants.

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