7 Indoor Garden Ideas For Every Space In Your Home

Even the smallest houses can accommodate some plants. Specific indoor garden ideas can help you figure out what would work for your home. We’ve mentioned some of the best ones for every type of space possible below.

Indoor Garden Ideas
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1. Best For Ground-Floor Apartment – “Hydroponic Garden”

With a small footprint, an indoor hydroponic garden is a great idea to incorporate many plants. If you live in a ground-floor apartment, a hydroponic garden is excellent for you. A ground-floor apartment doesn’t get much direct sunlight, and too much sun can heat the water and thus kill the plants.

But, because they need regular cleaning and care, they are not for someone who travels a lot or doesn’t want to spend a lot of time caring for the garden. You can read more about hydroponic gardening from HelloHomestead.

2. Best For A Small Space With A High Ceiling – “Hanging Indoor Garden”

If your home doesn’t have a lot of floor space, but it has a very high ceiling, then using hanging planters is your way to go. An indoor hanging garden is suitable for beginners, as it also operates well for vines, and taking care of them is usually easy peasy.

3. Best For A Large Home With A Lot Of Light – “Tree Garden”

When you have an ample amount of space, bringing in large plants is one of those excellent ideas for indoor gardening. For significant, sweeping areas, you can incorporate tall trees, which are transformative and provide a canopy. You can generate a garden impact in this scenario by placing blended plantings under it to give the impression of a cohesive, natural environment.

4. Best For A Home With Pets – “A Non-Toxic Garden”

An excellent indoor garden idea for pet owners is to select plants that are non-toxic if you share your room with furry friends. Pet-safe plants include ferns, calathea, and peperomia, but you can visit the entire toxic and non-toxic plant database of ASPCA to be sure.

Want To Know More About Pet-safe Plants?

You can check out our post “Houseplants Safe For Cats And Dogs: OMG! Are There Any?” if you want to get yourself familiar with non-toxic houseplants.

5. Woodland Herb Garden

You can make almost anything with wood. And one of these great indoor garden ideas is to get a few mason jars and some abandoned wood to make a herb garden.

6. Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging systems are a great indoor garden idea because they are customizable, so you can adjust them to hold as many pots as you can have. You can switch them out, add or remove them. The stylish design it offers turns heads and is as attractive as it is practical.

7. Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame is the practice of knotting cord together to create artful patterns and is often used to create simple, minimalist hangers for plants. There are many distinct types of macrame hangers you can use, but for its style and simple storage, you should try the tiered variant.

You can also find out more about macrame plant hangers from our post – Macrame Plant Hangers: Why Place Your Plants In Them?

Now that you know some fabulous indoor garden ideas, it’s time to incorporate one into your home!

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