How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants During A Hot Summer?

In the scorching heat, not only humans and animals but sometimes plants suffer too. When this happens, your garden needs special care, in this case, indoor plants. Caring for indoor plants isn’t only about the heat. More or less attention is required throughout the year, and in extreme heat, some plants need a little bit of extra care. But the words only apply to the ones we grow inside or on our porch. That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your indoor plants in the summer.

The plants that grow in the nature around us can adapt to different seasons. Their advantage is that they are 100% close to nature. Plants placed in pots, on the other hand, are in a lot of limitations. Here soil, water, light, and air are all limited. Even if the plants in your garden don’t get water every day, they’ll somehow survive, but the ones in containers might not. This is why they will need some special care.

So, How To Keep Your Plants Alive In Hot Summer?

Next, let’s review some of the most important tasks you need to do when you are growing indoor plants during the scorching summers:

1. How Often Should You Water Your Indoor Plants In Summer?

The amount of water given to a plant during summer can be critical to its growth, especially when you grow in pots or other containers. Remember to provide a little bit of water a few times a day without giving a lot of water at once. We all know that plants need water, but watering properly will also be one thing that will protect them from dying and help them grow.

2. Add Something To The Soil That Retains Water

If the soil your growing in is sandy and doesn’t hold water well enough, add clay, mulch or (even better) compost into it. Sand cannot hold water, so if you water the soil with too much sand, your trees won’t get enough water. Also, if necessary, cover the soil in the pot. This way, the water won’t dry as fast.

3. When And How To Water?

Remember to water your plant(s) early in the morning and after sunset. It’s also better to give them more water when the weather is hot. But when you put the plant in a container, it should have holes at the bottom of it so that the extra water can come out. This is because a plant can die when there is no water, but the result is the same when there is too much of it. So, it’s necessary to make arrangements for the drainage of excess water.

A reminder! Regular fertilization is another necessity to keep your plants alive, but only if needed!

Don’t Forget To Provide Your Plants Some Shade

In the heat of the day, especially the plants on your porch are at high risk. As we discussed earlier, excessive heat can cause the water to dry out or kill the plant in the worst-case scenario. For this reason, after two to one hours of sunshine in the morning at a high temperature, provide shade for your plants. It would be best if you also watered them regularly, and because it’s a hot summer, it’s best to water twice; in the morning and the afternoon.

What Happens When Plants Get Too Much Light?

There is no doubt that sunlight plays a significant role in plant growth. But according to experts, too much sunlight is as harmful to the soil as it is to the plants. When you’re growing from seedlings and not giving them enough water, the intense sunlight absorbs water from the soil and makes it “rough.”

The first thing you need to do is be aware of how much water to give your plants and how much water to give to the soil. Adequate light and air are required for the seedlings to grow properly. So please keep them in the house where you have natural light and air.

So, How To Keep Plants Alive In Extreme Heat?

I hope you now know how to take care of your indoor plants in the summer. I know that this post is short and concise, but the message here is clear – give your plants enough water and shade! Thank you.

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