14 Shops Where You Can Buy Beautiful Indoor Plants Online

A simple touch of nature can bring any home or workspace to life. With indoor plants, you can add a green impression anywhere. Not only do they add a beautiful touch of nature, but they also provide clean, breathable air for occupants and residents.

If you’re redesigning, moving into a new space, or only looking to brighten up your environment, you can buy indoor plants online. Many plants -cacti, ferns, snake plants, calla lilies, and more – can grow and flourish indoors. You can also select pet-friendly options if you have one or more fur babies.

Think indoor plants may be a great idea? Check out these 14 stores to find the best and the cheapest indoor plants for your home or workspace!

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Best Places To Buy Indoor Plants Online

Buy Indoor Plants Online

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1. First One On Our List Is – Horti

Horti specializes in selling houseplants at an affordable price. They offer both individual and boxed options, which contain curated plants for each buyer. Depending on your needs, there are several box options to select from. If you’re an indoor gardener newbie, you can choose to “Order a Jungle,” and receive a variety of plants to cover your every space with.

Horti also puts the concerns of buyers in mind when curating these boxes. You can choose from four categories – low light, pet-friendly, hard-to-kill-and Horti’s Pick- to ensure that you get the right ones for your space. There are also subscription boxes available for a monthly delivery of their best indoor plants.

Get From Horti: Peperomia Raindrop and this Cardboard Palm.

Shipping: NYC, Nationwide USA (different products and prices apply).

2. Urban Sprouts

Urban Sprouts is an online plant boutique which offers everything you may need to start an indoor garden. The physical store is located in Washington, but all items can be bought online. They carry different types and sizes of plants; your choice will come down to how much space you have. They also stock fertilizers, shears, and planting tool kits for the casual planter.

Best of all, Urban Sprouts offers a monthly subscription. Their current offers are the Air Plant of the Month Club and the Cactus Collector’s Club. If you enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of plants in your home, then the first might be an excellent option for you. If you enjoy collecting mini, hard-to-find cacti, then the second club is your team.

Get From Urban Sprouts: Spider Plant and Neon Pothos.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA.

3. Consider The Handmade Marketplace – Etsy

buy indoor plants online swiss cheese plant

Etsy hosts hundreds of stores to choose from. The best part about this platform is, the sellers are creative with their products. You can find unique plants with custom made planter designs and planting tools. If you’re looking for individual items and prefer to patronize small businesses, Etsy is the place to find them.

Get From Etsy: Swiss Cheese Plant and Air Plant Set.

Shipping: Most Etsy stores ship nationwide.

4. Bloomscape

I recommend Bloomscape because it was set up to sell plants online. They deliver healthy, ready-to-go plants to your doorstep. The journey with Bloomscape doesn’t end yet. They also provide “Plant-Parenting Tips” to ensure that your plants thrive once they’re in your care. Bloomscape keeps its own greenhouse for growing plants. They also ensure that plants are delivered within 3-4 days after leaving the greenhouse to avoid losing their healthy lush.

Get From Bloomscape: Philodendron Basil and Ponytail Palm.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA.

5. How About “The Everything Store” – Amazon

When you want to find indoor plants for sale online, the world’s biggest online store – Amazon won’t let you down. You can find different live indoor plants such as succulents and cacti, bamboo, bonsai, and orchids. You can also buy crafty planters such as hanging planters, ceramic bowls, and more. Browse through the Live Indoor Plants section to see all available options. And when we are talking about Amazon, there is a good chance that it’s one of the cheapest places to buy houseplants online!

Get From Amazon: Live Succulent Cuttings 10 Assorted Varieties and Live Bamboo Indoor Bonsai Tree.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA, and other countries (depending on the store).

6. ProFlowers

Spider plant buy indoor plants online

While they have ‘flowers’ in their name, this store also delivers other plants for your indoor spaces. A unique feature of this store is their Indoor Garden section. Each item is an assortment of different indoor plants, arranged to suit any home space. The best part is that they provide same-day delivery on some of them. So if you’re super excited to get your indoor garden going, you can start today.

Get From ProFlowers: Hanging Spider Plant in Mid-Century Ceramic Planter and Pink Prayer Plant.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA, and international.

7. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm has been around for decades, and their catalog provides a lot of options to choose from. They partner with three gardens: Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, and Traditional Home to curate their extensive collections of both flowers and plants.

While there’s no dedicated section for indoor plants, you can still browse through the different parts to find what you want. There is an Indoor Supplies & Decor section, and you can find every tool ranging from containers to pottery, vases, plant stands, trays, and more.

Get From White Flower Farm: Hosta ‘Patriot’ and Raspberry Splash.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA.

8. Another Great Place To Check Out Is – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters isn’t the first store that comes to mind when talking about greenery, but trust us on this one. The online store carries a variety of plants, planters, and gardening accessories. Also, these seem to be curated with an indoor garden in mind, and most of them are small and come in artsy, creative planters or bowls.

The store also provides planting kits for buyers who prefer to grow their own plants. While browsing Urban Outfitter’s ‘Plants’ section, you should note that they also stock fake plants. Look out for the word ‘faux’ in the product description if you only want live plants.

Get From Urban Outfitters: Decorative Wisteria Vine Garland and Small Live Assorted Air Plant.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA, and International.

9. Pistils Nursery

Xerographica buy indoor plants online

Located in Oregon, this nursery is a dream for anyone who enjoys plants and planting. Regardless of your location, you can still share in the delight of their beautiful plants. This store also works with nearby craft stores to curate planters, hangers, and other accessories to go with their plants.

The best part of Pistils Nursery is their Rare Flora section. The items there may come and go, but you’re always sure of one thing: they are all unique. These are rare, the types that will delight plant collectors. If you’re one, be sure to keep your eye on the store’s announcements, so you don’t miss the next rare find.

Get From Pistils Nursery: Xerographica Air Plant and Bromeliad Mount.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA, worldwide (except live plants).

10. The Sill

The Sill is a great shop to buy indoor plants online because they provide easy-to-care plants for people who don’t have the time or resources to grow a full garden. From their collection, it’s easy to notice that The Sill sells plants that are easy to keep alive, even for someone without a green thumb. Their collection even includes an ‘Easy for Beginners’ section. You also receive a care card with each package, detailing the exact steps you need to take to keep your plant healthy.

Get From The Sill: Alocasia Polly in August Planter and ZZ Plant.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA.

11. Sprout Home

Sprout Home is a luxury store with branches in Brooklyn and Chicago. Most of their services are in-house, but they also have a dedicated section of their website for online orders. Their products are focused on aesthetic pleasure. Each order is arranged by a designer and shipped carefully to maintain the creative look.

If you’re creating your own green space but don’t know what specific plants you want to include, Sprout Home can also help you out. There’s an option to give a general idea for what you wish to use. For example, you could say that you want lush, minimal, quirky, colorful, Ewok village, or natural plants.

Shipping: Chicago and Brooklyn.

12. Nature Hills Nursery

This nursery stocks everything you may need to grow your own garden, bush, or a line of trees around your house. It started in 2001 as a small nursery selling to locals but has since grown its collection. Nature Hills doesn’t necessarily cater to indoor gardens, but they have a variety of potted plants which can flourish within the home or office space.

Get From Nature Hills Nursery: Little Miss Maiden Grass and Fragrant Bouquet Hosta.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA.

13. Terrain

The Terrain is a well-known store for green home accessories such as house plants. Their selection is extensive, and there’s something for every taste. You should note that Terrain’s products tend to fall on the pricey side. There are also affordable options, but finding those needs some digging on your part. Their planters, hangers, and other accessories are also exquisite. If you’re looking to buy a housewarming gift or to add a creative touch to your home, Terrain is an excellent store to consider.

Get From Terrain: Calla Lily In Metal Pot and Lavender In Metal Weave Pot.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA except for HI and AK.

14. Last But Not Least – The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs is known for their flower arrangements, but they also carry an exciting supply of plants. On the website, you can see each of the farmers and what they grow, so you can always put a face to the person behind the soon-to-be-yours products. An exciting feature is that Bouqs runs its delivery service like the flower delivery service. So you can place an order for a plant with a specific day in the future when it will be delivered. If you feel like gifting your future self with a beautiful plant, or want to gift one to a friend who would love to get one, Bouqs is an excellent option to make that happen.

Get From The Bouqs Co: Madison and Maui.

Shipping: Nationwide, USA except for HI and AK.

Before Making The Buying Decision?

Choose A Store Close To You!

Plants are living things, and the shipping process is usually not easy on them. Most of these stores work with special courier services, which will handle delicate packages such as plants. But, this extra care could cost you some extra bucks. Choosing a store as close to your state as possible is the best option. This will also mean that your plant will arrive in the best condition possible; from the nursery straight to you.

Read The Small Print

There are many things to take into account before you decide to buy indoor plants online. First of all, you want to ensure that it will be able to thrive in your space. Some sellers mention which directions the plant’s window should face for catching the best sunlight. If you don’t have that access in your house or apartment, the plant may not do so well with you.

Some plants may be harmful to pets, so you want to make sure that the one you buy is pet-friendly. There are also indoor plants that need much care or little care. Depending on how busy you might be, you want to buy a plant that will thrive best with you. Also, ensure that there are no hidden charges that could come with shipping and handling.

Plants And Planters May Come Differently

On the product pages, plants are usually staged to give buyers an idea of how they might look in the home. This means that they could be placed in planters. If you want the plant along with the planter, ensure that the option you pick comes with a planter included. If not, you’ll only receive the plant.

If the planter isn’t included, there should be a section on the seller’s website which carries planting accessories. You can choose a planter there. Read through the order details before making payment to ensure that everything you want has been covered.

Final Words

With this list, bringing gardening into your home has never been easier. You can find and buy indoor plants online, and even send them as gifts to others. Is there an online plant store you think has a place on this list, or do you have experience from the ones on it? Share with other readers in the comments sections below!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the post and if you did, don’t hesitate to share this with your friend who can’t figure out where to buy indoor plants online – They would save a lot of time when they don’t have to google it themselves.

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