18 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets To Make An Eden To The Air

Using flowers in hanging baskets is an excellent way to decorate your home. Flowers come in various shapes and colors, and they make your balcony, garden, or room look elegant.

If you have limited space or none at all, using flowers in hanging baskets is the best way to add plants into your home. They are easy to maintain, oxygenate the air, improve your emotional health, and best of all, LOOK GREAT!

There are many plant species that you can choose from, but picking the right ones is never easy. So, what are the best flowers for hanging baskets? Let’s find out!

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Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets
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How To Choose The Best Ones?

Before we delve into the colorful world of decorative plants, we should take a last look at the prerequisites of houseplants and how to choose the best ones for your hanging baskets.

When you consider adding flowers to your home, you need to ensure that the plants will enjoy all the necessary things to thrive. Depending on the species, houseplants need:

  • Varied sunlight exposure
  • Different soil composition
  • Different climate conditions
  • Specific seasonal preferences
  • Particular watering techniques

You can find more care advice from Planet Natural.

We will cover all these details for every flower we go through below to make your picking process easy. Use the climate and amount of sunlight your house gets each season as the choosing factor. I also wanted to include details about the toxicity of the plant so the picking process might be easier for you.

And by the way, you aren’t limited to baskets, and it’s fair to say that the “best flowers for hanging pots” could also be the theme of this post.

1. Petunia

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Petunias)

Petunias are one of the best flowers to grow in hanging baskets. They are easy to maintain; they thrive in abundant sunlight and need watering only once a week. You can pick the best one for you from over 35 different varieties, each of them available in various colors and sizes.

Petunias bloom throughout the warm season from late spring to early autumn. During this time, they will emit a sweet, potent fragrance. Most people choose them for their cascading colors and joint petals that make them look like lovely heart shapes.


2. Fuchsia

If you are keen on decorating your home with plants in hanging baskets, then fuchsias must be in your selection. These colored posies give an exotic, delicate look to your home. They also come in different nuances and sizes. Some grow short, while others will stretch long outside the basket.

Fuchsias need consistent watering and sunlight. If you place them outdoors, you should also spray them with bug repellents since they tend to attract insects (especially in the warm season). Careful and consistent pruning can make a basket of fuchsias look like a spectacular, colorful shrub.


3. Begonia

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Begonia)

Begonias are some of the most prolific plants that you can grow in a hanging basket. You can get up to 3 million seedlings from an ounce of seeds. You can find them everywhere in retail shops and farmer’s markets, and they last well through warm, wet summers as they do during harsh, cold winters.

Begonias come in many different colors of pink, yellow, red, and white being the most popular ones. They need constant pruning, or the vines will trail to as much as 19″ (50cm) below the basket. Make sure you maintain the soil moist and that they get enough sunlight to bloom all year-long.

Begonia isn’t pet-friendly!

4. Lobelia

When it comes to the best flowers for hanging baskets, you can’t leave lobelia out of the equation. Although it’s a seasonal plant that blooms in spring and lasts to mid-summer. Lobelia is one of the first choices of gardeners and homeowners everywhere.

The number one thing that makes lobelia stand out is its electric blue petals. They usually attract both your guests’ admiration and the interest of nearby insects. You might consider using a bug repellent spray IF YOU WANT to keep the latter under control.

Lobelia isn’t pet-friendly!

5. Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima)

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Sweet Alyssum)

If you are looking for plants for hanging baskets that also emit a powerful fragrance, choose sweet alyssum flowers. These stunning posies come in white, pink, and yellow colors, and give out a soft, fresh smell that will delight your senses.

Sweet alyssum usually blooms during the hot months of summer, but they die pretty fast if they do not receive enough water. If you make sure that you maintain their soil in an even moisture, then these dazzling flowers will reward you with a delightful perfume.


6. Portulaca

Also known as moss rose or the sun rose, portulaca is a colored plant that grows best in hot and dry climates. If your home gets plenty of sunlight, but not much humidity, this flower is the ideal choice.

Portulaca flowers open during the day and close their petals at night. One of the best things about them is that you can always leave on to a short vacation without worrying that they would die from a lack of watering.

Portulaca isn’t pet-friendly!

7. Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta)

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Black-Eyed Susan)

Some refer to this plant by its scientific name Thunbergia alata, but most people know it as the black-eyed Susan. It is a long-stretching vine that blossoms throughout the year with beautiful small flowers.

To ensure that you get plenty of flowers from the black-eyed Susan, you need to remember to water it. In return, you will get a myriad of orange, pink, and red flowers that’ll lighten up your balcony or garden.

Black-eyed Susan isn’t pet-friendly!

8. Clematis

This plant is also known as the “traveler’s joy” or “leather flower,” and it is a climbing vine that will grow long outside your hanging baskets. It produces gorgeous flowers that come in blue, gray, and purple. If you want to add a bit of personality to your home or garden, this plant should be at the top of your list.

Clematis flowers need plenty of sunlight to develop sturdy, long-lasting petals. But, the roots of the plant need moist soil to help it grow healthy.

Clematis isn’t pet-friendly!

9. Geranium

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Geranium)

If you live in a warm climate area that receives plenty of sunlight, you should think about geraniums for your garden terrace. This bedding plant usually comes in red, orange or white colors, but some varieties of pink and bright yellow also exist.

Geraniums are a great pick if you like plants that hang outside the basket. Their vines can stretch up to 18″ (45cm) long and produce a significant amount of posies if you provide them with enough water.

Geranium isn’t pet-friendly!

10. Lantana

Lantanas are among the top five favorite plants for gardeners everywhere. They look like large bulbs of popcorn that bloom in vivid colors. You can pick between pink, purple, yellow, and orange to create an eye-catching decor element to your home.

This plant is easy to grow, but it needs regular pruning. Otherwise, it will develop into a bushy shrub, and the vines will grow too much. Ensure that it receives plenty of water as well as sunlight. And remember not to leave it outside during the cold season!

Lantana isn’t pet-friendly!

11. Million Bells (Calibrachoa)

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Million Bells)

This plant gets its name from the shape of its flowers, which look like a “million bells” and because they resemble petunia posies. You will find them in red and red-orange varieties, which should work well as living decor pieces in your garden.

A million bells is a great plant to place in a hanging basket. They are easy to upkeep and thrive in warm and hot climates. They need very little pruning but don’t forget to water them regularly!

Are million bells pet-friendly?: I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about the toxicity of million bells, so if I were you (and you have pets), I would leave this plant out of the equation.

12. Impatiens

Few flowers can match the beauty of impatiens, and they are especially excellent as hanging basket plants. This plant is a perfect choice if you are looking for a lush plant to cover your home. It grows to remarkable lengths and produces stunning posies that come in red, yellow, purple, pink, and white colors.

Another benefit of growing impatiens is that they do not need a significant amount of sunlight. Instead, they need regular watering. So, that in mind, you shouldn’t keep a king-sized vacation out of town if you want to keep them alive.


13. Verbena

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Verbena)

If you’re looking to grow decorative plants without spending too much time with their upkeep, then verbenas are perfect for you. These purple-colored posies grow in compact formation, which ensures that they do not need excessive moisture.

Verbena is an ideal plant if you live in an area that receives moderate or little sunlight. Furthermore, these flowers will resist long periods of drought and remain healthy even if you forget to water them from time to time.

Is verbena pet-friendly?: Some verbena varieties are safe, and some aren’t, so I would recommend you to double-check if there are pets are living in your household.

14. Pansy (Viola Tricolor Var. Hortensis)

Pansy is another plant on our list of best types of flowers for hanging baskets. They are available in countless colors and vivid nuances. Everyone from experienced to newbie gardeners use them to give homes a much-needed spark of life and joy.

Pansies are also very easy to grow and maintain. They thrive in open areas where they receive plenty of sunlight and occasional watering. Make sure that their soil has enough fertilizer to ensure their healthy growth. In the summertime, you might want to use insect repellents to keep bugs at bay.

Is pansy pet-friendly?: Some pansy varieties are toxic and some aren’t, so again, I would recommend you to double-check.

15. Osteospermum (African Daisy)

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Osteospermum)

You might find osteospermums under the name of “African Daisies” in some places. Their popular name refers to both their origin and their incredible resistance to drought. These posies will look great in your hanging baskets even if you fail to water them regularly.

Osteospermums come in yellow, white and purple colors, as well as a less common variety of burgundy red. They grow and spread fast, so remember to prune them often.


16. Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum)

Nasturtiums come in many colors that range from creamy-white to bright yellow and dark gold. All the varieties of this plant grow to remarkable lengths that sometimes exceed a height of 3,3ft (1m).

You should opt for nasturtiums, especially if you want to have flowers hanging long below the baskets. Keep their soil moist at all times, and make sure that you take them indoors during the cold season.


17. Diascia

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets (Diascia)

Diascias are some of the few decorative plants that come in a pink salmon color. If you want to add a bit of diversity to your home, then these posies will fit into your home. They are easy to plant and to maintain, and they develop well even if you place them in the same basket with other adorning flowers.

If you want to have a shrub full of diascia flowers, you should deadhead the plant once it blooms. In time, it should develop several more posies that will look like a beehive of tiny, pink salmon posies.


18. Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia Nummularia)

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In spite of its name, creeping jenny is one of the best flowers for hanging baskets, pots, or whatever you wanna grow them and it is many gardeners’ favorite decorative plant. It produces small, yellow, and dark grey blossoms that look beautiful when they hang outside in the basket. You can grow creeping jenny if you place it in a sunny spot and water it regularly. Occasional pruning is also recommended to help the plant develop lush foliage and spread.


19. BONUS PLANT! – Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum)

Tomatoes In A Hanging Basket
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You aren’t limited to flowers when it comes to hanging basket plants, and growing edibles is a great option to consider. But when I say tomato, more precisely, I mean cherry tomatoes and their bush varieties, as you can see from the picture above.

Is tomato pet-friendly?: Yes and no, the eaten part of the tomato is non-toxic, but the leaves contain solanine, which is a glycoalkaloid.

20. BONUS PLANT! – Strawberry (Fragaria)

Strawberries Growing In A Hanging Basket
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Another edible plant on our list is strawberry. This beautiful plant produces white or pink flowers that make it an excellent addition to any place, and when you grow them in a hanging basket, snails and slugs won’t be a problem. But remember to choose the growing environment carefully because strawberry requires a lot of sunlight.


What Are The Best Cascading Flowers For Hanging Baskets?

Using cascading flowers is an excellent way to make the hanging pot look even more beautiful. And the best flowers to apply for this matter are begonia, lobelia, geranium, lantana, impatiens, million bells, verbena, pansy, nasturtiums.

You can find even more great cascading flowers from BalconyGardenWeb!

When Should I Start Planting Flowers To Hanging Baskets?

When growing flowers indoors, there isn’t any specific “optimal time to start.” But if you’re growing them outside, the best time to begin is usually the spring.

Why My Hanging Basket Flower Died?

Your hanging basket flowers need more frequent watering than the ones growing in your garden! On a hot day hanging basket flowers might need watering once a day. BUT don’t water them too much because overwatering will lead to plant death. Growing your flowers in pots that have proper drainage, remove the excess water out of the pot.

A great way to estimate if your flower needs watering is to test the weight of the pot. If the pot feels light > WATER IT and if it feels heavy > it doesn’t.

If you want more info, and make sure that your plants will thrive in your indoor environment, take a look at our other posts:

How Many Flowers Should I Put In A Hanging Basket?

Like almost everything in this world, even for this task, there is a general rule. We are going to use an inch (about 2,5 cm) as a diameter in here. So, if you have a hanging basket with a diameter of 15 inches (about 38 cm), you can place 15 plants to this basket.

One inch = One plant!

But, geraniums and fuchsias are the exceptions! You should use about two inches (about 5 cm) perhaps even two and a half inches (about 6 cm) as the planting rule!

What Flowers Are Great For Hanging Baskets And To A Full Sun Growing Environment?

Many flowers love the sun, and flowers like petunias, million bells, bougainvillea, portulaca, dragon wing begonia, and sunpatiens are some of them, to name a few. And if you want to know more about them, go ahead and check this post on Fairview Garden Center.

What If I Want To Grow Flowers In The Shade?

If you want to grow flowers in hanging baskets, but the growing environment is shady, don’t worry. Begonias, impatiens, and fuchsia are flowers that like a bit dim environment.

Final Words

Flowers are an excellent way to cheer up the look and feel of any room in your home and adding them to hanging baskets is the best way to finish the look. There are few things you might want to keep in mind though, and one of the most important ones is to examine the spot you want to add the plant. In other words, how much sunlight the plant would receive. Once you know that, the next process would be to choose the plant and a stunning hanging basket for it. So what are you waiting for, it’s so simple, just choose the best one from these best flowers for hanging baskets.

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