Growing Herbs Indoors: 3 Tips So You Can Do It The Right Way

Growing herbs indoors in the comfort of your home is possible, and it’s also a pretty easy task. Besides, what’s more convenient than having your very own indoor herb garden?

Well, it’s a great hobby and a very beneficial one, although there are some little things you may want to pay attention to, so let’s dive in and figure out what they are.

Growing Herbs Indoor

Useful Tips

1. Look For The Best Spot

Herbs need a lot of natural light to grow indoors. Therefore, please put them in a spot near a window that receives at least 6 hours of sun per day. Some herbs that need less light, such as mint and parsley, can also grow well in west-facing windows.

Remember to look out for signs that the herbs are not receiving the right amount of light. These signs include unusually long stems between leaf sets, weak growth, too small leaves, and leaves or stems that are too pale or starting to turn yellow.

A simple way to ensure your indoor herbs get adequate light regardless of where they are placed is by using a grow light, which mimics actual sunlight. This is an excellent idea if you don’t have enough window space with southern exposure. It’s also a great way to give extra light during the winter because there’s less daylight.

2. Drain Your Indoor Herbs Well

What ruins herbs is letting them stay in water for long periods since this causes their roots to rot. Ensure you use a liner, saucer, or something which helps drain water under the pot to protect surfaces and collect water. A clay saucer will let moisture pass, so choose a rubber, plastic, or metal one instead.

Clay pots can help in drainage but tend to dry out fast. If you plan on growing herbs indoors during the winter or live in a dry climate, when your furnace’s heat makes your home dry (if you have one), try a plastic or glazed container that will not dry out as fast as clay.

3. Grow In Water ?

An easy technique to grow herbs in an indoor garden is to grow them in a water-based (hydroponic) system. They will grow in a soilless or water medium, so nutrients and moisture are delivered straight to plant roots, and a grow light will give all the “sunlight” the plants need.

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Easy Herbs To Grow In Your Indoor Garden

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