Here Is Everything You Need To Know About

Ever found yourself on one of those gardening websites that assume you know your aeration from your irrigation? That presumes you have a 50-acre lawn and flowerbeds to rival the United States Botanic Garden?


Ryhom is instead one of the best gardening blogs for beginners and house plant lovers. It’s aimed at anyone who wants to dig into the (compact) world of indoor gardening, whether or not they’ve ever handled soil before.

I wanted a way of connecting my interests and reaching out to others with the same passions. The popularity of gardening, and indoor gardening has grown (pun intended), because so many people nowadays live in urban environments where a grassy lawn and colorful flowerbeds aren’t an option.

I aim to plant the seeds for a go-to, can’t-miss, must-read home, and garden blog. I want it to grow from its roots to flourish into one of the best blogs in its field and a multi-branched source of information on a variety of lifestyle topics. Over time, I hope a community will bloom, where like-minded people can share tips and tales of gardening done right (and wrong!). I’ll regularly update, posting articles but also product introductions and reviews to keep you educated and entertained. You’ll learn how to grow plants indoors and precisely what to grow while following me on my path to plant-powered happiness.